Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Crown of Flowers

Hello again~ ^^
Today i made Flower Crown for Chihiro~
I bought the Paper Flower from Rrabit
Its really cute and cheap!
But the Shipping cost makes me wanna jump from 3rd floor :T
Well~ this is the result!!

Really cute and gorgeous right? ^w^
That's all for today!
Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Waltz for Reforma

Goodbye Reforma :'3

today i sold my J-Doll Reforma.
its nice for having her as one of my Dolls collection.
i have to sold her 'cause of money problems and i wanted her to be happy
with her new owner than me :'3

~Hope you're happy with your new Owner~

Aria the Origination OST 2, Waltz for ARIA by Senoo Takeshi

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enchanted Doll VOGUE JAPAN

I'm not a fans of VOGUE magazine ^_^;
but i bought it only for Enchanted Doll xD
yes i'm extreme. 
lucky me i didnt have to pay much for the shipping cost.
i've got to buy Gothic & Lolita Bible next time >w<b
have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!



Love you always my little baby~~ ^w^  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Catch You Catch Me

Hello~! ^w^
this time i went to Pluit Emporium for my friend's birthday~
she treat us at Seoul Korean Restaurant
i forgot to take a pict when i'm in the restaurant
but i have fun and eat sooo much LOL
especially the BBQ xD
and then we went to my friend's house to play
plus having a little Doll Meet :3
here's the pics!!

see the girl in the middle? i made the dress for her birthday present ^^

if you read my blog you probably knew where it is xD
but then!! its started raining! >w<
so we go back to her house...
and actually we planned to go home after taking pictures~

oh! and the water! its sooo beautiful!
i dont know why but when we went to her house last time,
the colours sooo different! >w<b

thats all for today!
thank you for reading my blog!! ^w^

Why Card Captor Sakura?
Because, i've re watched all of Card Captor Sakura's episode a few days ago xD

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Neighbour Totoro

I forgot to posting about this
Actually, i bought Totoro Beanie Hat!!
Oh! and my friend made this! Amazing isnt it?!
Even though she doesnt have BJD, she could make it perfectly fit in Chihiro's head!!

See? Its too cute!!!

Have a nice day!! ^w^b

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Yahoo~ :3
Last night i was tempted to make a new Dress
Inspired from many BJD's Fashion Designer :3
Actually i just wanna make the skirt and lace and then sew into one piece,
but then i get too sucked in and finished it in 1 or 2 hours maybe? 
haha xDD
but here's! the Dress!

The Model is Chihiro :3
(Asleep Eidolon, Lemon)
My Muse! haha i dont know why but she's soo inspirational!
Love her to bits!

Bonus!! :3

Have a nice weekend!! ^w^b

"Euforia" - ARIA The NATURAL OP Single
Performed by Makino Yui

Friday, November 23, 2012

Prima Undine

I tried to braid her hair :3
she looks like Alicia Florence from ARIA!!!
love her sooo much <3

See you next time~! ^w^

Kawai Eri - Undine (Zougoshi Ver.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My photograph of My lovely daughter (customized Pullip) Akiko :3
The clothes... actually... I havent finish it yet :T
And i'm gonna change Aika's obitsu body,
i dont really like her obitsu 25cm body
its stinks.
I bought 23cm obitsu body already >w<
and i added some freckles and blush on Aika's face! ^^

Cute isnt it!!?

The teaser for Aika and Akiko Photoshoots! ^w^b

Have a nice day!

ARIA The ANIMATION Original Soundtrack - "AQUA"
Performed by Choro Club feat. Senoo

Rakuyou no Nami Kimichi


Ai to Seigi no, Sera fuku bishoujo senshi, Sera muun!
Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!

LOL this isnt mine, i made this for my friend
Commission, she wanted the seifuku looks like Sailor Moons
i love it! it looks so cute hahaha

And this is for my friends too.
They wanted Sailor Fuku for their Pullips :3

The whole Seifuku...
I'm sick of makin Seifuku (@x@")
Not gonna make Seifuku for a looong time....
I've been making these for 3 days!
1 day = 1 pc Seifuku.
Man, i'm tired TTwTT
But i have to! I need money...! >w<

Well... On to the next post!!

Performed by Choro Club feat. Senoo

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Story

Hi, I'm Monica (^w^)/

I'm really sorry if my blog really boring for you guys who doesnt 
understand Dolls or mainly Ball Jointed Doll.
And if i look at my blog its just all about my Daughters (Dolls) and Food LOL
(Sorry but i love food and dolls xD)
I dont even know what to do with my blog besides sharing about Food and Dolls
cause my life isnt that interesting.

But i'll share my story about my life if you're interested.

I'm still a student (High School student) but i stopped when i graduated
from Junior High School and started study about Fashion.

When i was study about Fashion, my style was like simple and Kpop-Look-A-Like
Its very boring actually cause im not that skinny and dont have much money 
and i couldnt sew for human clothes :T
One day, i was looking through Facebook there's an interesting dolls.
a beautiful dolls! and its my friends dolls :)
the name is Ball Jointed Doll.
And then i'm interested in BJD and started the hobby in February 2012.

Honestly, I'm more comfortable and enjoy making clothes for Dolls.
I don't really likes human fashion especially western style :T
they're just so.... boring. and dark (.___.)
BUT!! I love Japan Fashion Style
they've got many style and i looove Lolita + Mori Girl :D
its cute, calming, and fun!

Many people said that I'm wasting my study time because I only sew for Dolls now.
well, if you ask me its not a waste at all.
I got so many friends and customers.
Plus, now i'm planning for officially selling Clothes and Shoes for BJDs :)
I'll open it this month or maybe next month.
That's it.
My life story :3
Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.
Hope you enjoy my blog!
Sorry for the bad english xD

See you next time! ^w^b

Performed by Choro Club feat. Senoo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kakaribi no Nocturne

Kakaribi no Nocturne - ARIA The NATURAL ORIGINAL
Performed by Choro Club feat. Senoo

Have a good day ^w^b

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today we ate some cakes from Bakerzin!!

with Chihiro ^w^

This is what i ordered, its Strawberry Shortcake!!
and honestly.... its the most delicious Strawberry Shortcake i've ever eat
I'm not exaggerating! its really delicious! 
The cream wasnt that sweet and the sponge cake
is sooo soft :3

This is what Prisilia ordered, its Fraisier
it taste good! and the strawberry was sooo big!
Bigger than my Strawberry Shortcake TTwTT

Ice Latte :3

Round two!!!!
it's Sweet Pleasure :3
theres no sponge cake i think
its sooo chocolatey lol
and inside! there's something like a crushed Ferrero Rocher
i dont know if its true but it sure taste like Ferrero Rocher
god. its. so. good.
it does Sweet Pleasure ^O^

Bonus! ^O^