Wednesday, August 22, 2012

すごく 楽しい!

Me and Mori before i left house, she wants to take a picture with me >w<
Clothes today : Just a simple Mori Girl look ^w^
Place to go : Kelapa Gading Mall.
Actually i just want to buy some Manga and eat Ramen + Sushi >w<

Me with My Friend ^w^ at Star Studio. I dont want to show my face. its just look ugly =w=

And after craving it for a week finally i could eat.... Ramen!!
Its Miso Ramen ^w^ they didnt add corns... TTwTT
but it tastes good ^w^b

And i bought Sushi too ^w^b its sooo delicious! I love Sushi!
Actually i bought 3 portions of Sushi, because! its only 4 bites for 1 portion!!!
I dont want to waste it so i bought 3 portions UwU (it cost me a lot...)

and we're playing at my place + i made Corned Beef Curry for the two of us! its so good!! I love Curry! \(^w^)/

that's all for today! ^w^ すごく 楽しい!

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