Monday, September 24, 2012

A-Line Dress and New Wig!

Flowery Blue Dress

 Baby Chicken Dress

Mini Teapot Dress

And here's the pict of my Friends (cc Joan ^O^) Doll wearing My handmade clothes for Tiny BJD ^O^
Soooo glad it fits Pukifee!!!

And here's the new wig for Chihiro! 
she looks gorgeous!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Simple Mori Girl Set and Nasi Padang! xD

Sorry for the bad quality =_=
Simple Mori Girl Set for MSD size!
fit for Asleep Eidolon and DollZone MSD

and here it is the goodness of Nasi Padang at Garuda!
nice Dinner!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peonies and Cream (PS Actions)

First i wanna thank you I'm Catching Fireflies , for the PS tutorial :3
and Happy Birthday! (Sorry i'm late)

and! this is the results :3

Miruku in Singapore and new sister!

Miruku : Yay! Breakfast!

Waiting for boarding >w<

Playing with her while waiting for Boarding >w< she's just too precious!

at Alice88th!

waiting for my mom to finish her brunch :3

Miruku watching tv with her sister xD

Miruku and her sister Yuuki >w< 

My new outfit >w<

Miruku : Going home!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Culture Japan Night in Jakarta!

Me with Danny Choo! :3


cr : Renny :3

cr : Danny Choo

Welcome home, Miruku-chan ^w^

the Box! LOL

The cutest box ever. Crobi Doll T-Line WooYu! :3


The stuffs!! 

and here She is with Mori's wig LOL

Why 'She'? because her face (Faceup by Kappauka :3) is sooooo girly and i wanna have a mini daughter :3
and here she is! sooooo cute! too much kawaii-ness xDD
i bought her from my friend for US$350.