Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anime Festival Asia and Butler Cafe! X3

So! haha ohburn i dont know where to start.
today and yesterday was the most happiest moment in my life.
i mean it.
so yesterday i went to Anime Festival Asia with my friend Prisilia
and today with my another friend
so lets start with Day 1 ^w^b

Day 1

God. its SO HOT and crowded!! i was sweating like crazy (=_=") plus i wear my Mori Girl outfit with long skirt. yes it was a wrong choice.
we're just wandering around and took a pictures at Mirai Booth

and then we go to Atelier Royale Butler Cafe,
and i had to wait 2/3hours.
but it was totally worth it

in front of the Butler Cafe!!! ^w^b

and inside of the Butler Cafe lol
yes i can take a picture of Chihiro inside. but not with the Butler :3
actually its kinda.... disappointed. it was like 10-15minutes just us without the Butler talk to us, its like nobody wanted to talk to us haha yes its really sad.
but im not in the mood to speak with English so its kinda awkward...

Bahasa alert!
jadi yang ngobrol sama kita paling lama itu Takuya and Ryo :3
they're so fckin kind and funny and cute ofcourse haha god gue menyedihkan X3
oh yeah i'll not talk about what we talked when i was in the Butler Cafe.
its too long and kinda embarrassing actually xD

i take a picture with Ren :3

i apologize for my potato-ed face
yes he's so cute :3

oh yes. thats me with Mirai and Danny Choo!!!!!! pardon my creepy face. i was so damn tired and sweating like a potato.

Day 2

Day 2! haha ohgod.
oh! and i bought Moekana btw ^w^b it was really cute!!
and then we're queued for Butler Cafe (again heuheuheu)

Chihiro : Not again.....

Bahasa alert!
we were waiting and someone saw Chihiro (she's queued for Butler Cafe too)
and ngobrol-ngobrol terus akhirnya kita boleh ber6 sama mereka! jadi gak harus antri lama2 xDDD

oh yeah! pas ngantri Butler Cafe gue ngintip Moe Moe Kyun and Kiyo saw me and Chihiro!!!!!
terus dia ngintip2 keluar!!! KYAAA LUCU BANGET!! xD
mbak2 yg jaga ngira ada org ngambil gambar Kiyo, soalnya dia kayak apa ya, kayak senyum2 and nunjuk2 Chihiro and kinda annoying sih si mbaknya, kayak dilarang2 apaaa gt padahal cmn mau liatin Chihiro HAHAHHAHAHAHA. AND THEN FINALLY setelah perjuangan gue menggendong Chihiro tinggi2 agar keliatan oleh Kiyo pun sukses!! Dia ngelambai2 ke Chihiro!!!! KYAAAAAAAAA KAWAII!!! xDD gue pun langsung riang gembira ceria bahagia nan senang,

ok abis itu akhirnya nunggu2 and then finally! inside the Butler Cafe (again) xD
and they remembered me!!
all of the Butler i guess. ya gue bawa boneka gitu dua kali kesana =_= gmn gak inget

HAHAHAHAHHA ok im sorry, you tried Shin. you tried.
so i was asking Shin, could you draw her face?
and he was like ,"eh.. ok ok i'll try!!" he's so cute! xD
yes he's failed. but hey! at least he tried!!!! xD
why there's an arrow saying its Shin? cause he dont want to say that the face are Chihiro's face LOL
i was laughing so hard HAHAHAHHA sorry.
the shortcake's too expensive damn it. and SO CREAMY!! =_="
ah i give up. 
theres so much thing i wanted to talk about but... im too lazy HAHA.

took a picture with 2 Butlers from Indonesia :3
Ryo and Takuya ^w^b
Chihiro.... why does she looks so big LOL she was like a SD Size!!!
yah lupa nanya para Butler ke JCN apa gak =_="

hari ini gue di "Cih!!" in berapa orang ya gara2 Butler Cafe xD

yes thats all for today! tomorrow i'll go to Taman Anggrek Mall for Japan Culture Night! ^w^b
so byee!

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