Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reunion and Friend's Birthday

I ordered Orange Lychee Sparkle ^w^b
It's really good and fresh!!

And then she ordered us Puff Pastry Mushroom Cream Soup
It's too creamy x__x and i couldnt handle creamy soup x__x
But it was very delicious!

LOL i found these when i was searching something for my friend birthday present
>w<b they're sooo cute!

Chihiro say Hello ^w^b

My Mori outfit for today, its a very simple but i bet you couldnt really see it
I'm sorry, this is the only mirror i could find >w<

aaaa~~~nd I bought some Pudding!!!!
the plastic bag were soooooo cute!!

Oh, Hi Aria X3

Pudding Caramel! Kyarameru Purin!!

Yes, i bought 3. because its sooooo delicious! and sweet <3
and thats all for today! have a nice Saturday Night! ^w^b

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