Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today we ate some cakes from Bakerzin!!

with Chihiro ^w^

This is what i ordered, its Strawberry Shortcake!!
and honestly.... its the most delicious Strawberry Shortcake i've ever eat
I'm not exaggerating! its really delicious! 
The cream wasnt that sweet and the sponge cake
is sooo soft :3

This is what Prisilia ordered, its Fraisier
it taste good! and the strawberry was sooo big!
Bigger than my Strawberry Shortcake TTwTT

Ice Latte :3

Round two!!!!
it's Sweet Pleasure :3
theres no sponge cake i think
its sooo chocolatey lol
and inside! there's something like a crushed Ferrero Rocher
i dont know if its true but it sure taste like Ferrero Rocher
god. its. so. good.
it does Sweet Pleasure ^O^

Bonus! ^O^

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