Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Wigs and Seifuku Dress :3

I bought new wig for Haru and Chihiro :3

 Ok, the sad part is i bought Chihiro's wig WITHOUT discount.
I dont know if its wasnt on discount!
But fortunately when i bought wig from my friend, i got one free wig :3
He's really kind to me >w<b

Haru's wig from 4D, DollGa (the free one) and from Luts for Chihiro

Handsome! >w<b

Not that likey but its good on him :3

And here goes the new dress and tulle skirt for Chihiro :3
I made this because, well, i love Seifuku LOL
and i made it kinda lacey :3
I love Lolita xD

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