Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Story

Hi, I'm Monica (^w^)/

I'm really sorry if my blog really boring for you guys who doesnt 
understand Dolls or mainly Ball Jointed Doll.
And if i look at my blog its just all about my Daughters (Dolls) and Food LOL
(Sorry but i love food and dolls xD)
I dont even know what to do with my blog besides sharing about Food and Dolls
cause my life isnt that interesting.

But i'll share my story about my life if you're interested.

I'm still a student (High School student) but i stopped when i graduated
from Junior High School and started study about Fashion.

When i was study about Fashion, my style was like simple and Kpop-Look-A-Like
Its very boring actually cause im not that skinny and dont have much money 
and i couldnt sew for human clothes :T
One day, i was looking through Facebook there's an interesting dolls.
a beautiful dolls! and its my friends dolls :)
the name is Ball Jointed Doll.
And then i'm interested in BJD and started the hobby in February 2012.

Honestly, I'm more comfortable and enjoy making clothes for Dolls.
I don't really likes human fashion especially western style :T
they're just so.... boring. and dark (.___.)
BUT!! I love Japan Fashion Style
they've got many style and i looove Lolita + Mori Girl :D
its cute, calming, and fun!

Many people said that I'm wasting my study time because I only sew for Dolls now.
well, if you ask me its not a waste at all.
I got so many friends and customers.
Plus, now i'm planning for officially selling Clothes and Shoes for BJDs :)
I'll open it this month or maybe next month.
That's it.
My life story :3
Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.
Hope you enjoy my blog!
Sorry for the bad english xD

See you next time! ^w^b

Performed by Choro Club feat. Senoo

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  1. well if you love your dolls, seems like a very good use of your time

    and i love food too