Monday, December 17, 2012

Catch You Catch Me

Hello~! ^w^
this time i went to Pluit Emporium for my friend's birthday~
she treat us at Seoul Korean Restaurant
i forgot to take a pict when i'm in the restaurant
but i have fun and eat sooo much LOL
especially the BBQ xD
and then we went to my friend's house to play
plus having a little Doll Meet :3
here's the pics!!

see the girl in the middle? i made the dress for her birthday present ^^

if you read my blog you probably knew where it is xD
but then!! its started raining! >w<
so we go back to her house...
and actually we planned to go home after taking pictures~

oh! and the water! its sooo beautiful!
i dont know why but when we went to her house last time,
the colours sooo different! >w<b

thats all for today!
thank you for reading my blog!! ^w^

Why Card Captor Sakura?
Because, i've re watched all of Card Captor Sakura's episode a few days ago xD

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