Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello folks!!
Its been a pretty tiring day (what do you mean you only eat and eat)
We're going to Rati-Rati at Pantai Indah Kapuk for a Doll Meet!!!! (YAAAYY!! CAKES!!!)
The members : Me, Cc Novi, Cc Ellen, Adeline and Prisilia ( haha she had to cancel her plan cause of this, sorry sil :T )

first we went to some restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk and you know what? the waitress didnt take my order and i have to eat from my friends food
but its ok cuz we went to Rati-Rati for the real Doll Meet after this.

its called,  "Rati-Rati" which means Love :)
the decoration was superb!!!
its too cute!!
and the dessert, holy shrimp its so good!!
especially the Mango Ice Cream and the Maccha Roll Cake

oh btw, Rati-Rati specialized in Roll Cake. 
Japanese Roll Cake :3
its so soft and not too sweet :9
its really good and they said its low calories!
i eat 2 round of cakes and ice cream :3
the Roll Cake comes with Ice Cream
we could choose the different Ice Cream with different Roll Cake/Kardinal :3

We really does take our time at Rati-Rati, Hahaha
we were like, conquer the Rati-Rati. (Truly sorry for that haha)
But i've got to admit, it feels like you're in your own home.
sooooo comfy and relaxing.
definitely would come again :)

Pictures floooooood

My 1st order :3
Japanese Maccha Roll Cake with Mango Ice Cream (if you're wondering whats that the brown thingy, 
its like a flakes. it taste so good with the ice cream :3)

2nd order, Kardinal Strawberry with Chocolate Ice Cream
Its nice, not a fan of the cream, too sweet for me :3

My Jasmine Green Tea :3


Friends order <3

See? The decoration was superb!!!

Okay done with the cakes and now....

 The Doll Meet!!!!!!!!!!
Yay pictures!!!

I'm quite shy

Take a bunch of photos but its bad quality sooo
just a few >w<
Yes, we place them on the Cakes display.
Like i said, we conquer the Rati-Rati :T
So sorry! ahahha

Oh here's my bonus, a video! :3

Have a great day folks!!
Thanks for reading! (^w^)/

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tous les Jours

Went to Kelapa Gading Mall for just these little babies and taking a bunch of photos
and chit chat with Prisilia at Tous les Jours :3

My order is Red Bean Bun, Fresh Cream Cake, and Ice Chocolate X3
The Fresh Cream Cake was too sweet
I couldnt handle the sweetness and not finish it x_x
but the Red Bean Bun was delicious!
and the Ice Chocolate was nice~

No sweetheart, its too sweet you cant eat it.

My Ice Chocolate X3
Miruku wants it soooo bad xD

She was bored so i take her to the back.
Theres this window that allow us to see how the Bread and Cake was made.
Careful or you'll fall dear.
(theres no heat, i already checked it)


My fave pict!
Yes, the one who holding her is me xDD
She's really cute aint she? :3

Have a good day and always eat alot of Cakes!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Variation I

Made new dress for her ^w^b
She's very adorable right?
Have a good day!

Variation I (From Goldberg Variation) - Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo OST

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Happy Super Late New Year!

Hello~! ^O^
So sorry for havent update anything,
I'm just too lazy haha.
New Year nothing special happened.
Went to Puncak with my family and mom's friend.
Eating, Take a walk and watching fireworks.
Thats all :T

Watching K-On!! while waiting~ <3

Superb view~!
Oh. and its raining alot!!!! =3=
Even when its nearly New Year its still pouring =w=

Waiting for New Year at the Car~

The Fireworks~

And then we go to Flower Park

Remember Coraline? LOL X3

That's all~ on to the next post!