Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello guys (UwU)

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog.
Its because... its been a hell.
My father leaves my family and i dont even know what to do,
well, he is a loser and coward.
he's been doing this over a month.
and then suddenly he leaves and took my moms money.

But! I'm kinda relief actually.
i dont care if he wants to re-married or anything.
just dont leave us hanging with all of these debts.

but i'm still working and i opened my own Dolly Boutique
its called, "Espoir Dream" :)

Its still for Indonesian customers only.
I dont know if i can make it overseas (^_^;)
cause i'm still not confident and i'm not even 18 yet :T
but i really wanted to sell it overseas (>w<)
ah hurry up i wanna be 18 soon! \( UwU )/

I know its sad but i dont have a time to be sad anymore.
I need to do something to my family.
i hope my life-story could inspire people ^_^

Bye everyone!
Have a great day! \(^o^)/