Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long Time No See!!!

Long time no see :D
Its been hectic days but now its kinda calmed down
and many things have been settled down :D

When i was on hiatus i got another baby ^__^
her name is Mont Blanc!
She's Two.S.Doll Dorean :D

and ofcourse

HAHAHAHAHA i know its kinda weird when i'm in this situation and i bought expensive things
my mom said she'll buy it for me and i really really wanted a new camera (;___;)
she's really kind as a mother.
btw its Nikon D3100
its not brand new, its a 2nd (thats how we called it in my country)

And heres some picture of her i took when i was doll meeting with friends <3

Nice Bokeh Effects!!! Love it!

The Doll Meet (Island Creamery) pics

Borrow friends wigs and clothes (^__^;) thank you!

Luce, Mia and Mont Blanc! ^__^b

Mont Blanc with Luce

I ordered Mac&Cheese with Green Tea Milkshake (No pics sorry ^_^;)

And here's some picture when i attended Ono Eriko Sensei Indonesian Tour Fanmeet ^__^b
Ono Eriko is a mangaka for Kocchimuite Miiko

And thats it for today!!
Thank you and till next time!! :D

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