Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doll Meet and Sleepover!!

Hello guys
after i wrote so long and the internet connection was down and everything is gone
i really pissed off right now (-___-)

so i'll just write the short version ok

first, we went to Ippeke which is sushi restaurant and i ate Inari Unagi and Momo+Mune
and then we go to my friends house and we invited to dinner with her family
and we're really nervous and then it happen
we dropped our chopsticks one by one.
first me, second ce ellen, third ce novi.
we're REALLY nervous since her family kinda....scary

and then she went with her family to airport to escort her mom and dad who's going to Penang
we arrived at her home first and wait for her and our other friends to dollmeet at Rati-Rati
here's the picts

heavy picts ahead!!

and here's at my friends home!

Dani lectured us??

in the theater room for Karaoke!!

Karaoke time!

The next day before we go home :3

Me and Chihiro! lol i love this pose!

and thats it! thanks for reading my blog and see you later :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

Secret Cantabile

One of my design!
really proud of this design X3 but sadly its already Sold Out >w< 
i hope you enjoy these pictures ^_^

Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit!!

Hello guys! ^__^
today i'll post about Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit!
this is surprisingly taste like real Hamburger!! (O__O)
but my favorite is the Cola drink!! :3

I'll post the pictures! Lets go!

The box!!

The packaging! isnt it cute? :3

Some plastic for the decoration and Fries

all of the ingridients

Sorry i was too absorbed when i was preparing the dough!
Left : Buns and Patty!
Right : French Fries!

You should microwaved them to become like this ^_^

After cutting and arrange the french fries!

After cutting Patties and Buns
and i forgot to take a picture of the cheese and tomato sauce and cola -_-
i just too surprised! lol

The final product!!!
It taste good but kinda weird X3

Thats all guys
Enjoy and See you again!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Town Where You Can See The Ocean

Hi guys! :D

This time i'll talk about my 1st daughter, Akiko!
She just got back from my friend who's a new Faceup Artist :D
Look how amazing she is from my crappy Faceup skill into a fine woman!!
She's really cute! just like what i wanted her to be!

And here's a bonus! Akiko new Faceup with short hair! :D
Amazing isnt she?

Thats all folks!
See you next time!! :D