Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit!!

Hello guys! ^__^
today i'll post about Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit!
this is surprisingly taste like real Hamburger!! (O__O)
but my favorite is the Cola drink!! :3

I'll post the pictures! Lets go!

The box!!

The packaging! isnt it cute? :3

Some plastic for the decoration and Fries

all of the ingridients

Sorry i was too absorbed when i was preparing the dough!
Left : Buns and Patty!
Right : French Fries!

You should microwaved them to become like this ^_^

After cutting and arrange the french fries!

After cutting Patties and Buns
and i forgot to take a picture of the cheese and tomato sauce and cola -_-
i just too surprised! lol

The final product!!!
It taste good but kinda weird X3

Thats all guys
Enjoy and See you again!!

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